Service Announcements

Attention: Due to construction, the Rte 1 is travelling on Park St in Adams in both directions. Summer St and Hoosaic Street are closed. Please flag down the bus on Park St.
Attention: For the safety of all customers, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, BRTA is strongly encouraging customers to wear face masks while on board. Please do not stand or sit near the driver. Please use BRTA for crtitical trips only - such as work-related, vital appointments, or required shopping trips. All other trips are strongly discouraged. If you are ill, or have other means of travel, do not ride BRTA at this time.
Attention: As of 6/1/20: BRTA is operating normal service along most routes. However, Rtes 3 shuttle, 14, 21 express, 22 are not operating at this time. Routes 4, 11 will continue operating on Saturday schedule all week, Monday through Saturday.